Now that summer is here, our Summer Pool Series is in full swing! Be sure to mark your calendar for our Welcome to the ’90s Summer Jam. There will be great food, fun, prizes, and, of course, your management staff and residents decked out in their ’90s gear!

REMINDER: As you are moving out of your apartment, please come to the office to grab a move-out packet in order to check out properly.

— 21 Oaks


Special Highlight


  • If you are having any issues with your air conditioner, make sure you turn it off and the fan on. This will help speed up the defrost time so that maintenance can handle the issue as quickly as possible.
  • Maintenance recommends leaving the AC at 76 degrees for the best results (and a lower electricity bill).
  • Help us keep our community clean by throwing away trash as well as picking up after your pet and placing it in the appropriate bins.
  • Don’t forget: We are pet friendly. All you have to do is come to the office and get your new kitten or puppy registered.
  • In order to keep traffic accidents to a minimum, we must go in and out the appropriate gates. Anyone caught going in or out of the incorrect gate can and will be fined accordingly!


Reminders & Updates


  • Rent is due on the 1st of each month and is considered late on the 6th. Late fees will be applied to any balance over $50 until the payment has been received.
  • Don’t forget that in order to set up direct debit, you must use a checking or savings account that has a routing/account number.
  • If you ever have any issues with your internet or cable, call Pavlov at (888) 472-8568 or email them at


Summer Like a Local


Whether you’re going home or staying put for the summer, take advantage of all our community has to offer! Summers can be a great chance to enjoy the area in some new and different ways. With the hectic pace of school, many students miss out on opportunities to get involved and have fun in their local community during the academic year — it’s time to change that! From festivals to parks and local attractions, below are some ways you can summer like a local. As a bonus, most of them are either free or very affordable!


  • Do something touristy
  • Visit a farmers market
  • Check out a local sporting event
  • Visit your Chamber of Commerce website to find out about local attractions
  • Find a calendar of nearby fairs and festivals
  • Enjoy Fourth of July festivities and fireworks
  • Hike or bike a nearby trail
  • Volunteer with a local organization
  • Have a picnic
  • Go to an outdoor movie or concert
  • Run or walk a local 5K


We’ll also be planning events and activities for you throughout the summer, and if you need ideas for other fun things to do in the area, please let us know. We have information on area resources and a local calendar of events on hand to give you plenty of options. Have a memorable and fun summer!


Community Events Calendar


R-E-C-Y-C-L-E and R-E-U-S-E — All Month — Bring in your papers, plastics, and cans to recycle in the office. As you are moving out, if there are reusable and gently used items that you no longer want, bring them to us so that we can donate them for you! Bins will be labeled in the office.


Scholarships = Dollarships — June 2–23 — Apply for your own or recommended scholarships. Show us you applied for them and get Insomnia cookie(s) on us! The person that applies to the most will receive an Edible Arrangement!


How Well Do You Know the World? — June 13, All Day — Keep a lookout for the initial text the morning of in order to enter this trivia challenge hosted on Snapchat! Follow us on Snapchat so that you won’t miss out; there will be five winners!


Will Your Degree Match Your Aptitude? — June 22–25 — Keep a lookout in your inbox for the aptitude test emailed out by us! The first 5 people to bring their results that match their degree will get a grand prize. All other participants will receive a participation prize.


Donate to Epworth — June 6 @ 3 p.m. — Epworth Children’s Home is in need of first aid, laundry, and cleaning kits. We’ll buy all the supplies to create the kits, we just want your help to make them personal!